Winter Car Troubles: Preventing And Fixing Common Issues

Harsh winter weather can cause problems for your vehicle. Knowing what to do when your car is facing winter weather troubles can help to keep you safe and on the road. Here are just a few things that you can do when you have winter car issues.

Frozen Door Locks And Seals

When snow and ice pile up on your car or the weather turns extremely cold, you may end up with frozen locks. A lock de-icer on your key chain can give you quick access to your vehicle. You can also use a penetrating oil spray on the lock to thaw it as well. Frozen door seals can be overcome by applying a layer of petroleum jelly to the edges of the door. In extreme cases where your door is covered in ice, a tow truck service can help you gain entry into your vehicle.

Frozen Gas Lines

Frozen gas lines in your vehicle can happen when water vapor in the lines freeze. When the lines freeze, your engine can shut down. You can prevent frozen gas lines by keeping your gas tank full in the winter. With less room for water vapors, there is less chance of a freeze. Making sure your battery is fully charged can also help, as it will help your engine to turn over properly and ensure better fuel delivery where it is needed. If your fuel lines freeze while your car is stored in your garage, you may be able to thaw them on your own by placing a heater underneath the vehicle or topping off your gas tank. When away from home, you can call a tow truck service that can move your vehicle to a local garage and thaw the lines for you.

Dead Battery

A dead battery in winter is one of the most common car troubles that you can have. Storing your car in a garage is the best option for preventing a dead battery in the winter, but this may not always be possible. If you must park your vehicle outside for an extended period of time, consider placing a heavy-duty tarp over the vehicle to act as an insulator. Parking your vehicle so that the front end is not facing harsh winds can also help. Make sure that you always have jumper cables in your vehicle in case your battery dies while away from home. A tow truck service can help you by jump starting your vehicle. The driver will also make sure that your car is attached to the jumper cables long enough to charge your battery sufficiently before letting you head back out on the road. If your battery won't stay charged, the driver can tow your vehicle back to the garage where the battery can then be replaced.

Be sure to have a roadside emergency kit in your car so you can stay safe while you await a tow truck service. Keeping water, snacks and a blanket can help you keep warm and comfortable if you are stranded on the side of the road. Keep the number of your local towing company, like Country City Towing, stored in your phone for easy access whenever you have a winter weather car emergency.