3 Things You Should Look For In A Used Auto Part

When you need to replace a part on your vehicle, buying used parts is usually your cheapest and most reliable option. Use this guide to learn 3 things you should always look for when buying used car parts.


Never buy used auto parts that don't come with a warranty. Shop around at local junk yards and auto parts stores to see just what kind of warranties can be offered to you when you buy a used auto part from them. A warranty can be for a single week, or be a no-hassle return policy in the event a certain part doesn't work.

Note: beware of as-is sales. When a used auto part is sold as-is, that means you cannot return it if it doesn't work or if it fails within a few days.

Working guarantee

Another thing you should look for when buying a used auto part is a guarantee that the part is working. If the part fails within a certain time period, you should be able to return it for a refund or an exchange for another working part. Since you often don't know just how well a used auto part will work until you have it installed and running in your vehicle, a guarantee of working ability gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event you buy a faulty or non-working used auto part.

Return policy for wrong part purchase

You're human, and you may buy the wrong used part for your vehicle because you were off on the year or make of your vehicle. Buy from auto part stores or salvage yards that will allow you to return a part if you realize you have bought the wrong one. Most of these stores that allow you to return a part will work with you on an exchange only, but this still gives you confidence that you can end up with the right auto part without having to make another purchase.

Note: many auto part stores and salvage yards will give you a discount on your purchase or pay you cash for your unwanted auto part as you buy your new one. Not all parts are eligible, but batteries and tires are often accepted.

When you buy a used auto part for your car, you want the peace of mind that you are buying something reliable. With the reassurance of a guarantee, warranty, and even a return policy, you can feel great about your used auto parts purchase and know that you are protected just in case the part doesn't work out for you.

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