Adding Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings And Kits To Your Wheels To Make Your Car Jump Around

In the automotive world, a ghetto car means one of two things: a car that is stripped for parts and left abandoned, or a car that is tricked out with accessories that would never be standard on a car fresh from the factory. One of the most popular features on a ghetto car is the bounce hydraulics connected to the axles or the chassis, which elevate and lower the car or cause it to bounce dramatically as it rolls down the street.

If you are thinking about doing the work on your own ghetto car and want that trademark bounce, here is what you need.

Automotive Hydraulic Lift Systems

You can buy kits that include hydraulic hoses, pistons, and attachment bars. You will also need an electrical switch, wiring, and fuses to connect the hydraulic lifts to your switch and the battery. Since a custom auto job like this may cause the local police to pull you over, you want an off switch to shut down the hydraulics and keep the car level.

Specialty car shops will sell the parts you need, although items like hydraulic hose, hose clamps and hydraulic pistons you can buy just about anywhere automotive parts are sold.

Hiring an Expert

Unless you really know your way around a car and can weld new parts to old, you will have to hire an expert to make the modifications to your vehicle. A restoration and detail shop is a good place to start, because they already do modifications in paint, wheels and spoilers.

They know their way around automotive hydraulic systems too, since most large pickup trucks rely on hydraulics to keep pressure up on the wheel suspension and the engine. You want to add this feature to your car without damaging it, and the experts understand how to do the job correctly.

"Where Your Haters Be At"

When you finally get to roll that high-bouncing ghetto car out of the shop, you are probably going to find trouble. Either other ghetto car owners are going to want your car or they will hate you for it because they did not do it first. Also, there are cities which prohibit automotive alterations unless you plan on showing the car in an automotive show, so if you travel around with your "bad" ghetto car, you will have to keep a low profile until you know it is safe to bounce.