Need Your Car Towed? Be Prepared Before You Call

Having a car towed is usually a last resort when your car will no longer run. While many tows happen while you are still waiting at your vehicle, they can also happen after you've left the scene. In order to make the towing process go as smoothly as possible, you'll need some essential information ready to relay to the towing company.

Identifying Vehicle Information

The driver of the tow truck will want to make sure they tow the right car. That is why it helps to give some essential information to identify which one is yours. They will need to know the following:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle color
  • License plate number

It always helps to write it down, just in case you cannot remember your car's license plate number later.

Identifying The Car's Location

Your car will be easy to find if it has broken down in a city or suburban area on the side of the road, especially if there is the address of a building right next to it. It will be much harder to find the vehicle if your car is located in a more rural area without many identifying features, or a crowded parking lot of a shopping mall.

You can use your smart phone to identify your car's location using GPS coordinates. A tow truck driver can input these coordinates into their own GPS, and get directions to the location of your car. The tow truck company may have a smart phone application that will help submit location data directly to the driver.

If you do not have a GPS or an address, you can rely on mile markers and cross streets to help identify your car's location

Confirming Payment For The Tow

When you are waiting at your car for a tow, handling the payment is easy. Just hand the driver cash and you are good to go. If you are not at your car, payment will have to be scheduled over the telephone.

You'll need to verify if you can pay with a credit card if you are not at your vehicle. If they are unable to, you may have to hide the money in your car so that the driver can collect at the time they perform the tow. It is best to keep it out of sight, such as in a glove box.

By having all your information ready, there should be no problems arranging a tow for your car. For more tips, contact a company like Marv's Quality Towing Inc.