4 Creative Uses For Used Utility Trailers

You may think that you have no use for that used utility trailer you have buried in your garage, but just because you don't really haul anything behind your vehicle anymore does not mean that there is no reason to hang on to that trailer a bit longer. As long as the utility trailer that you have is still in decent shape, there are several things that you can do to recycle it into a more useful item.

  1. Create a mobile playhouse for your children. - Kids will love the idea of having their own playhouse and the the stable steel base frame of a utility trailer makes the perfect building platform for such an item. Best of all, the utility trailer is portable, so you will never be faced with building a playhouse that will have to be left behind if you ever move. 
  2. Transform the trailer into a portable storage unit. - Every homeowner could use a little extra storage. Enclose the trailer with sheet metal and install a basic door with a lock and you have a portable storage unit that can be parked anywhere on your property or hooked up and towed to a different location.
  3. Use the trailer as a base for a small camper. - A few sheets of plywood, a few pieces of lumber, and some steel anchor bolts can be used to box in the trailer and turn it into a small camper trailer that you and your family can use on family outings. Add a door at the back end and a few pieces inside, such as stackable cots and a table, and you have a perfect place to catch some shuteye in the wilderness.
  4. Build an on-the-go service building. - Enclose the utility trailer with sheet metal, add a large window, and a door for entry and you have a multipurpose building that works perfect for an on-the-go service, such as food service or mobile sales. The exterior of your portable station can even be painted with a menu, item listing, or other promotional artwork.

You may think that that utility trailer is no longer a functional piece of equipment, but with a little ingenuity, you can come up with all kinds of ways to make use of this seemingly ordinary item. You may even find yourself eyeing extra used trailers at a local distributor after transforming one trailer. If you're interested in buying one, visit Colorado Trailers Inc.