Need Your Car Towed? Be Prepared Before You Call

Having a car towed is usually a last resort when your car will no longer run. While many tows happen while you are still waiting at your vehicle, they can also happen after you've left the scene. In order to make the towing process go as smoothly as possible, you'll need some essential information ready to relay to the towing company. Identifying Vehicle Information The driver of the tow truck will want to make sure they tow the right car. Read More 

How To Remove Vehicle Dents Caused By Hail

If you left your car outside during a recent hail storm, there are most likely dents on the hood and roof of your car. They are quite ugly, but you don't have to look at them forever. These dents can be easily removed with some dry ice and heat all on your own. Identify All The Dents That You Want To Fix Start by counting the total amount of dents that you'll need to fix. Read More 

How To Troubleshoot Your Car Stereo

You rely on your car stereo to provide you with music, news and traffic updates when you are on the road, whether it is the system that came with the car or a new one you had installed. Unfortunately, there may be times when it doesn't work properly. The following tips will help you troubleshoot common problems associated with car stereos. There is Vehicle Noise Through The Speakers This is a very common problem that occurs when there are filter issues. Read More 

Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Spring

After a long and brutal winter, it's time to think spring, especially for your vehicle. There are a few maintenance services that should be performed to ensure that your vehicle is ready for long trips, as well as daily activities, in spring and summer. Oil change Although you should change your oil and filter at intervals recommended by your vehicle's maintenance guide, changing your oil after winter is especially important because you will switch from a low viscosity oil to a high viscosity oil more suitable for warmer temperatures. Read More 

4 Tips For Getting Through Your Car Breakdown

Have you ever had your car breakdown? If so, you know how stressful it can be. If you've never experienced it, you may not be prepared the first time it happens. If your car breaks down, it's important that you know how to react. Taking the proper steps will ensure your safely and will help you get your car off the road as quickly as possible. Here are four tips to remember the next time your car breaks down: Read More