Adding Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings And Kits To Your Wheels To Make Your Car Jump Around

In the automotive world, a ghetto car means one of two things: a car that is stripped for parts and left abandoned, or a car that is tricked out with accessories that would never be standard on a car fresh from the factory. One of the most popular features on a ghetto car is the bounce hydraulics connected to the axles or the chassis, which elevate and lower the car or cause it to bounce dramatically as it rolls down the street. Read More 

3 Things To Know If Your Car Engine Is Burning Oil

As a car gets older, the chances will increase that it may begin to burn oil. This is a common problem with older cars and can sometimes be hard to diagnose. If you do not catch the problem and repair it soon, it could cause extreme damage to your engine. Here are three things to know if this is currently happening with your car. You Must Keep Filling It When you put oil in a car, the oil should stay in the engine until you replace it. Read More 

How To Make Money With Your Truck When It Snows

In many places in the country snow is a real problem. Snow causes roads to be impassable. If the snow is not cleared, people can't drive. Most cities have sanitation departments that will deal with snow on the roads, but there are other areas that the sanitation department doesn't handle. These include private store parking lots, driveways for private homes, and  communities that have private roads. These areas are serviced by small business or private contractors who use their own trucks to plow the snow. Read More 

How A Natural Disaster Might Affect Your Next Used Car

When it comes to buying a used car, there are certain things everyone looks at: mileage, body damage, brakes, and transmission. However, it is prudent to check to see if the car has been involved in a natural disaster, specifically, a flood. There are many cars that have been through floods and suffered severe damage. The owners may have taken taken the insurance money and sold the car to a dealer or junkyard. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Proper Tire Rotation

You were likely taught about the benefits of keeping up with certain maintenance tasks on your car from the time you got your license. Most people know they need to change out their oil every 3000 miles or keep their other fluids clean and topped off. One maintenance opportunity that is not as commonly discussed is regular tire rotation. As you drive on the road, your tires will naturally degrade a bit over time. Read More